United Climate Artists

A Climate Reality Project Working Group


The United Climate Artists is a community looking to empower and promote artists whose work aims to draw attention to environmental issues. Climate change is a reality, but it’s been unclear what role art plays in addressing it. Artists are tastemakers. We capture complex concepts in an image, a dance, a line of poetry or code. Part of the climate crisis is a crisis of compelling and inclusive expression. So a film, or a painting, can’t lower the parts per million of CO2 in the atmosphere. Instead, art gives a voice to folks in frontline communities dealing with climate change’s worst effects. It softens hearts and mobilizes those who have yet to afford this issue the attention it truly deserves.

UCA sees expression, storytelling, and YOU as essential to the solution.

UCA is a Working Group of The Climate Reality Project, founded during Climate Reality’s 2019 Atlanta Training. The United Climate Artists serves as a network and educational group to artists across the country looking to connect, share and crowdsource climate-inspired art. We encourage and promote material that inspires hope, resilience and common sense climate policies.