Just in time for Climate Reality’s Minneapolis Training, we are proudly launching the UCA website! Its taken us a moment (several months) to get this situated, but it’s a tool that I think will allow us to push who we are as a working group, and what we aim to accomplish.

For those who don’t know who we are and what we’re doing here, we are essentially the Arts and Communications Working Group in the Climate Reality Project, made up of trained members and mentors. During Climate Reality’s 2019 Atlanta Training, myself and fellow mentor and UCA Co-Founder Gerard Clarke came together and asked a question: Where was the representation for mentees in the arts sector? We’ve seen Climate Reality highlight business, education, science, health and many other areas, but we hadn’t seen a meet up for the arts yet up to that point. So we decided one night during the training to have an Art and Communications meet up at our hotel’s lobby, just to connect with who would come (and assuming it’d be just a few people). We reasoned that even just getting 5 people in attendance would be phenomenal. Instead, 40 mentees showed up!

When we came together and saw how many of us there were working in film, media, photography, animation, journalism, writing, digital marketing, the fine arts, and all these modes of different expression, we realized addressing climate change was missing a vital component. It’s missing a coordinated effort by people who create some of the most effective and most engaging communication in the world. How are we supposed to effectively educate on climate without people doing what we do? One of the biggest reasons many mentees even do a Climate Reality Training is because of the film An Inconvenient Truth, which enhanced and broadcasted Vice President Al Gore’s climate presentation to the world. We must do the same in our own way to call the world to continued action, reaching those who have not been reached, and giving a voice to those with no voice in frontline communities already affected by the climate crisis. 

Part of why we came together is to not only pledge to do more to educate on climate, we’re coming together to be the change we need in our respective sectors. The arts community should be made up of some of the first people leading on an issue like this. Our group in Atlanta reasoned this, and we collectively dubbed the organization the United Climate Artists. Soon after we determined UCA would work towards the following points:

UCA Members…

  • Will come together to create a network of artists who acknowledge the climate crisis.
  • Will collaborate to create projects that help educate, raise awareness, and incite action.
  • Will learn from each other’s best practices in order to become effective artists. 

With the launch of this website, we hope to start facilitating on these points. We aim to create a network of artists who can collaborate and coordinate. We plan to provide resources to signed up UCA members, including information sharing within our network through articles, webinars, and monthly calls hosted by Climate Reality. We also hope to highlight current projects being worked on that talk about the climate crisis, having articles highlighting these projects, events, and the people working on them. We invite writers to also get in contact with us and contribute content on this front. I think we have a great deal of work to do on climate, and I personally hope that UCA can become a platform for us to make it happen in regards to what we all do best.

We hope you sign up to become a part of this growing network, it’s time for us to become the change we’ve been waiting for.